How often does the eulogy
Mutate into a “me-logy”,
As the eulogist goes on
About himself more than the dead.

What can I say about Winston?
Well, the first time we spoke
One to one.
Was when he called up out of the blue
To congratulate me on my new book
And from then on our friendship grew.
My book
“The solution to all the world's problems”
He described as unique and inspired.
Yes, Winston was a discerning reader.
And whenever I had a new volume launched
He was always the first to call
To tell me that I had gone and done it again.
He had a wonderful sense of humour.
I will never forget the time that I told him
The story of Marilyn, the Jew and the Muslim.
He laughed so much I thought he would die.
I know that he thought that I could have been
A stand-up, as funny as Morecambe and Wise.
Yes, Winston had a such a great sense of fun
Lurking amongst his black dog depression
Which he suffered for most of his life.
In fact, it was only when I recommended
He try my new method of
Deep breath buzz-therapy baths
That he started to move out from under the cloud.
He often referred to me as his life-saver.

But I see that my time is up
I wish that I could have said more
About Winston
And also more about me.

written by David C Johnson copyright 2014