Imagine a world where the bees don’t buzz
Written by David C Johnson © January 2019

Imagine a world where the bees don’t buzz
And the gnats don’t swarm in the evening air
Where blow-flies no longer pollinate onions
And a dearth of wasps leads to fig-less trees

Before you drown that wasp
In diluted jam
Or swat a gnat
Like you don’t give a damn
Pause to consider
Where we would be
In a world of such deficiency
With no gentle whisper of butterfly wings
No humming chorus
No grass that sings
Where you take out your
And you hear ---- nothing

We need these insects that
Excite the plants
And spread their pollen
Like indulgent Aunts
They are the link between the sexes
An essential cog in nature’s complexes
They are the date apps
They are the Grindr’s
They are the SoulMates
They are the binders
That bring together
What should be brought
Without their workings
We shall come to nought